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About News Team Group

News Team Group  delivers newspapers and magazines to homes and businesses across the UK. We are a rapidly expanding enterprise, providing a professional delivery service to over 70% of the UK’s post code sectors.

Our operations are run from distribution centres across the UK. This means we receive our papers as soon as they arrive in each area allowing us to ensure fast and reliable delivery across the UK.

We take a different approach to newspaper deliveries. Wherever possible we employ adult drivers rather than children to ensure your order reaches you early and in pristine condition.

As we begin deliveries very early in the morning most of our customers receive their papers well before other people in their area.

We provide our services to:

  • Individual customers and small businesses – delivering the titles you want to your home or business
  • Newsagents and HND providers –  We offer a range of options to newsagents that are either looking to either stop or expand their news rounds.
  • National and local publishers – providing reliable nationwide final mile delivery fulfilment to your subscription customers
  • National Chains – delivering nationwide to all of your premises while providing you with a single point of contact for account management and billing

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Our UK based call centre is ready to take your call or if you prefer you can email us with any questions or comments.

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If you are interested in working in our delivery operations, business development teams, call centre or administrative departments we want to hear from you.



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