Commercial services

NewsTeam Group are one of the UK’s largest providers of door to door newspaper deliveries, while retaining our focus on local, tailored and rapid solutions to the needs of our clients, both residential and commercial.

We do not believe in a one size fits all solution and understand when it comes to getting your newspaper deliveries you want things to be simple, cost effective and reliable.

Below are a few ways we can work with your business.



Newsagents and HND providers

We work very closely with many independent retailers and rounds businesses across the country. We do this because we do not see the point in competing with another agent or retailer who is providing a great service, we would rather work with them.

Whether you are currently providing or even looking to stop your delivery service here are some ways we have worked with other newsagents that may be of interest to you.

Are you looking to sell your rounds?

We understand the hard work that goes into providing a quality HND service.

We also recognise that in some cases delivery rounds can be a distraction and even prevent you from developing areas that are more valuable to your business such as later opening hours, releasing cash flow tied up in customer balances, late or poor service from suppliers etc.

We have worked with many retailers over the years who have decided to stop their delivery service for a variety of reasons and would be interested in hearing from you if you are looking to do the same.

Ordinarily we would look to buy the HND element of your business (taking on any delivery staff you may have as applicable).

In most cases we would also want to allow customers to continue to pay our bill over the counter at your premises (with you being paid a commission for payments received and meaning you do not lose the customer footfall).

To discuss this further please contact us.

Would you like to do deliveries for us?

NewsTeam Group has built a solid and reliable nationwide delivery network but we are not finished yet!

The NewsTeam network is mainly built around our own directly managed staff and infrastructure however we have selected other high quality HND providers to fulfil deliveries on our behalf across the country.

We would be happy to speak with any other HND providers who are looking to take on extra deliveries in their areas.

To discuss this further please contact us.

National chains with multiple outlets

If you have multiple outlets across the UK why not just deal with one supplier for your newspapers and magazine deliveries?

We can provide you with:

  • A reliable early morning delivery service to ALL of your outlets across the UK
  • A single point of contact for account managment and billing purposes
  • Procurement savings linked to volume buying
  • Centralised billing allowing you to monitor, manage and control your spending
  • Reduced risk, administration and lost staff time, negating the need for local purchasing and/or petty cash arrangements

To find out more about how NewsTeam can provide these benefits to your organisation please contact us

National and local publishers

We have a very large delivery network that publishers can use to service their subscription customers or fulfil other deliveries.

We provide a range of outsource solutions to publishers who are seeking to make savings in their distribution network while retaining the relationship with their readers or clients.

Our business uses app based software that allows publishers to monitor our service in a variety of ways, right down to live information about exactly when and where a delivery has taken place.

Our publisher clients value this as it provides them with fully open and transparent window to our operations.

We are also very experienced in sales and marketing campaigns designed to increase circulation in a long term and sustainable way.

Fulfilment of subscription customer deliveries

We have considerable and proven experience providing high volume, early morning deliveries across the UK.

We work with publishers to ensure our systems work with their systems and the end user receives their copy in pristine condition on time, every time.

If you are a publisher that would be interested in how we can save you money and improve the service to your subscription customers please contact us.

Fulfilment of non traditional deliveries

We can provide publishers a national network for the delivery of bulk copies to a wide range of businesses.

If you are a publisher that would be interested in how we can save you money and improve the service to your non traditional delivery customers please contact us.

Sales and marketing services

We have grown our business through effective and ethical sales and marketing methods.

We can provide a start to finish service to grow your circulation.

Our campaigns include everything from managed & targeted sample copy delivery to telephone and door canvassing follow up all with fully auditable management information to monitor the efficacy and ROI for each campaign.

As we are also the fulfilment company it is in our interest to generate quality and long term orders for our publisher partners.

If you are a publisher that would be interested finding out how we can help you grow your circulation please contact us.

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