Terms of Service

Billing and Payment Terms

These terms of service relate to all customers who do not have separate contracts or terms of service with NewsTeam. If you have a contract with NewsTeam please refer to that document for your terms of service.

NewsTeam will send you an itemised bill on either a 4 weekly or calendar monthly basis for any amounts owing. This bill is to be paid within 10 days of It being issued.

This bill will include the cost of any products you have ordered along with any delivery charges as applicable. The full methods of payment available will be explained on the bill.

We will either email your bill, deliver it with your newspapers or post it to you. If your bill does not arrive please contact us and we will arrange for a replacement to be sent.

If you make regular weekly payments or pay your account in advance you may not receive a bill however you can request an itemised statement at any time.

We accept vouchers as issued by publishers for subscription deals or special offers.  We are unable to return vouchers.  If you send vouchers to us in advance these will be accepted and credited on the understanding you agree to receive deliveries for the minimum term those vouchers cover.

Failure to pay your bill on time may result in service being ceased pending payment being received.

We reserve the right to add to your balance any additional charges incurred for pursuing late or non-payments.  These charges may include but are not limited to court filing costs and legal fees.